Quality Control and Contract Workers

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Often, prospective clients’ most significant concern about leveraging a contingent workforce is related to the quality of technicians. Generally, freelance technicians don’t go through a recruiting process as exhaustive as W2 employees.

A Field Management System, like Field Nation, gives you access to only the best quality providers who meet your needs.

Our platform allows clients to search for technicians who have background checks or drug screenings. Although these screenings are optional, our top-notch providers understand that trust is an essential component of the client-technician relationship and often have them completed.
One of contingent labor’s most significant quality advantages is the ability to find the best person for each different job. It’s easy to set filters and parameters based on experience, certifications, and numerous other parameters in seconds so you can find the best person out there.

If you have a great experience with a provider, you can add them to your Preferred Providers list. The next time you post a work order within a Preferred Provider’s area of expertise and geographic location, you can route that work order directly to that provider. Your Field Nation preferred provider network helps build relationships with technicians you know and trust.

Another advantage of using contingent labor is that technicians are generally extremely experienced. Our 2016 Freelancer Study found that 54% of Field Nation technicians have more than 16 years of experience in their area of expertise, and that 19% had between 11 and 15 years of experience.

Finally, contract workers tend to be more engaged at work than their traditional W2 counterparts. Gallup’s 2015 Employee Engagement Report revealed that only 32% of Americans are engaged at work. By contrast, Field Nation’s 2016 Freelancer Study concluded that 89% of technicians are satisfied or extremely satisfied with being a contract worker.

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