MarketSmart™ Insights

Real-time, on-demand, marketplace-wide pricing and coverage data

Plan with confidence. Win with a competitive edge.

MarketSmart Insights, an exclusive tool for Field Nation Premier customers, aggregates data from 3 million field service jobs on our platform so you can get pricing and coverage data on-demand. With this information at your fingertips, you can win and fulfill more work, increase margins, and monitor the effectiveness of your pricing strategies.

Achieve higher fulfillment rates

Need to source labor for new projects but lack visibility into the latest market rates in current or new geographies? MarketSmart Insights allows you to:

Access on-demand nationwide pricing and coverage data

Identify sourcing problem areas and get a roster of technicians who can meet your needs

Meet the pay rate expectations of the skilled labor you need, and spend less time in negotiations

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Bid intelligently and win more work

When you lack visibility into local labor costs, you may estimate incorrectly when responding to RFPs. This could result in lower margins or less competitive bids. MarketSmart Insights lets you:

Quickly create data-driven RFP responses to bid competitively and win more work

Bid effectively for projects with similar or varying site scopes

Protect margins for your company and your clients


“I just bid on a project that included 48 sites. Using individual work orders to identify pricing would’ve taken me more than 4 hours, but MarketSmart™ Insights reduced that time to less than a minute.”

Larry Bolyard
National Technology Services Director, Patriot Staffing & Services

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