Product Update – February 2016

2.19.2016, Written by Ross French

This product update will take effect on February 20, 2016. The following release notes detail the changes available with this new update. Please contact your Field Nation representative with any questions regarding this release.


  1. Work Order Management Dashboard
  2. ConnectWise Integration with Field Nation Elevate
  3. Private Network Selection
  4. Withdrawal from Work Order Within 24 Hours of Start Time


Work Order Management Dashboard

Buyers will now see a Work Order Management Dashboard on their home page; this dashboard is similar in style to the tile-based Executive Dashboard. The Work Order Management Dashboard caters to dispatchers and work order managers, and highlights work orders routed or published, time to assign work orders, etc.

Workorder management dashbaord_2


ConnectWise Integration with Field Nation Elevate

Users can now integrate Field Nation Elevate with the ConnectWise ticketing system to ensure that work orders which are created in Field Nation can draw data from ConnectWise tickets. This type of direct integration with a ticketing system allows for the seamless transfer of data, which reduces duplication in the flow of information and potential errors.

Once the integration is complete, an ‘Import from ConnectWise’ button will appear as shown below. If a template is used to create a work order, that work order will apply the template format and override any ConnectWise values. Work orders that are created in Elevate and are integrated with ConnectWise data will link to the ticket and reflect this information. 

CWise Wide


Private Network Selection

Currently, buyers will recognize the ‘Field Nation’ marketplace as the default marketplace that is used to select providers for projects. Some companies like those that are using Field Nation Complete (our SaaS offering), however, may need to utilize private provider networks.

With this update, companies now have the ability to select private networks while creating templates in Elevate. By default, all of a company’s networks will be shown in the work order create stage and on the template page. During the creation of a work order, buyers will be required to select at least one network; if they are using a template, however, they have the option to select any network. 

Pvt Network1_ver1

Buyers can also filter their work orders in an activity report based on the marketplace(s) the work orders are in. They can aso view networks at the top of the work order details page (shown below). 

Pvt Network2-ver1


Withdrawal from Work Order Within 24 Hours (Go Live 2/23)

Field Nation providers have always been able to withdraw from a work order in the case of emergencies or extenuating circumstances. However, if this occured within 24 hours of the assignment start time on a work order, it would make it difficult for a buyer to find a replacement. To better enable the buyer-provider relationship and help manage client expectations, we previously launched the ‘Report a Problem’ feature. Report a Problem offers the opportunity for providers to inform buyers of on-site issues and of their inability to complete the work order. This has resulted in the facilitation of open communication and helps buyers and providers work together to arrive at a resolution, regardless of the reason.

To supplement the Report a Problem feature, this update requires a provider to Report a Problem if they withdraw from a work order within 24 hours of the scheduled start time. Providers will be prompted to communicate with the buyer or client and arrive at a resolution together, to ensure the quality and completion of the work.

Provider_24hours access denial feature_ver2


Other Improvements:

  1. Project Planner Improvements:
  • Projects and clients have been decoupled when copying templates – you can now copy a template to a different client/project or leave it unassigned altogether.
  • You can now view the number of drafts in the project listings.
  • You can now set the default selection rule for a project and to auto-dispatch one or more work orders directly from the work order listings or project work orders in Elevate.
  • You can set relative schedules in your work order and project templates (e.g.: next day, next business day).

2. Keeping in line with Project Planner’s deliverables tab, a same-named tab now exists on the work order management page to review all deliverables for all projects in one place.

3.  Worksmart Connect integrations now support elevate templates allowing the pre-customization of more fields, optional field support and supports multiple templates per client and/or project.

4. U/X design changes for Work Order creation

OLD                                                                                                   NEW

10.6 WO creation before      10.6 after

10.6_before                           10.6_after


We hope you find these changes useful. If you have any queries about these changes, please contact your CSM /Sales representative or the Field Nation Support team.