Release Notes for Dec. 7

2 min read

Updates for Clients

Search and Filter by Type of Work in service provider work history

Provider profiles are updated with search and filter functionality. Clients can filter to relevant work in a service provider’s history.

Bundle Functionality

Actions on bundles are now available. Clients can un-assign service providers from the entire bundle instead of from each individual work order.

New Profile Pages

Service provider profiles will have a new updated look. This profile will come into effect December 21.

At-Risk Notifications

Clients can receive text or email alerts when a work order is at risk. Clients must opt-in to receive alerts, they will not send automatically.

Template Deletion + Hide

Templates can be hidden instead of deleted. Templates can still be deleted if required.

For Service Providers

Incomplete Reason 
When a client marks a work order as incomplete and enters a reason, that reason was not in the notifications to the provider. Service providers will now see the reason.

For Field Nation ONE Users

Field Nation Complete

All Field Nation Complete users will be migrated to Field Nation ONE. A few changes have been implemented to assist in this migration. More information will be published over the coming weeks.