Customer’s Corner October 2014

10.29.2014, Written by fieldnation



Greetings Professional Providers,


October is here! Can you believe it already? Time is ticking down for 2014. Here at Field Nation we are busy as ever at our new headquarters office (yes it is beautiful), and we are moving forward with many improvements across the board regarding our site and all of its form and function. September has come and gone; now October is finished and winter is setting in across the country slowly but surely.


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a very serious topic to discuss this month. I want to reassure you that the procedures and policies we have in place here at Field Nation are set up to protect both of our primary users – service buyers and service providers. Periodically, as with all platforms that bring people together to get work done, there may be an occasion when someone may want to circumvent said procedures and conduct business external to the system.


Let’s think about and remember the seriousness of getting involved in situations as such. We always want to be in a position at Field Nation to protect the interests of those who utilize us for their business needs. We protect both the buyer and provider throughout the lifecycle of a work order; these are policies that are agreed upon when signing-up to do business on our platform. This information is readily accessible under our “Legal” (Terms of Service), and I would like to suggest that everyone review these so that all policies are understood.


As a reminder here to all, solicitation and circumvention are not a part of the Field Nation Terms of Service. Keep in mind my friends, both providers and buyers are protected by Field Nation: we all work together and trust each other to abide by the rules so that all of us can continue to move forward successfully and together.


Realize that every one of us at Field Nation is here to help you promote your business – we want you to succeed! This goes for both buyers and providers alike, for when you succeed, we succeed, and when we work together, we are all successful. Think of all we do for you, because I assure you that we think of all that you do for us every day. We are all about establishing a win/win situation here my friends, and you all know that.


Or, you can think about it this way – 10% for peace of mind. This is not a steep fee. Additionally, the more expensive the work order is, the less the fee becomes. This is for your protection to be compensated and to process all of your tax information, etc. Always remember that you can reach out to me personally, as well as any other team member, as we are always ready to assist you.  Here is the last word on this: review our Terms of Service and familiarize yourself with some of the do’s and don’ts. Yes, I know legal stuff can be a bit boring, but there is some quality information there, so have a look.


Now, I am going to take a snippet from my September blog here, and reiterate once again to get your profiles updated! I am including the link to our “Complete Your Profile” landing page herein, which will walk you through the different areas of importance on your profile.


Go over this information. I cannot stress this enough. Look and see where you can increase your appeal to potential buyers and fill in any blanks. And seriously, I am telling you again that the ABOUT section, because it is very important to let people know who you are, what your service is all about, and what they can expect if the utilize you or your company’s services.


My friends, only you can make it happen, so go ahead and “Git er done.”


That’s it for this month.  November is on the way. Get those tires checked out before the bad weather sets in. Make sure that battery is in good shape as well!


Feel free to send me an email or give me a phone call if you want to join my renamed group: “Directors Corner” is now “Vice Presidents Service Corner” in Field Nation!


And last, but not least, as always my friends, please BE SAFE out there.