How to Access Capital for Your Small Business

4.25.2016, Written by fieldnation

Fundera partners with Field NationDid you know that the number one problem small businesses often face is access to capital? After all, businesses need money to make money so we’ve partnered up with Fundera to solve that for you.

What is Fundera?


  1. Fundera isn’t a direct lender: they’re a marketplace. Business owners like yourself can now access the entire small business lending landscape in just one convenient place so that you’re able to shop and compare different offers.
  2. As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset. Fundera allows you to assess and choose the best lender for you in just a matter of minutes, saving you tons of time (and stress!).
  3. On average, Fundera customers save $4,000. Because lenders compete for your business, you can guarantee you’re walking away with the lowest rate. What small business owner doesn’t like to save money?


Small business lending can be a complicated and confusing world. Fundera’s Loan Specialists can help you understand your options, and help you secure the money you need to grow your business. By working with Fundera, you can skip that “feeling lost” moment. You’ll save time, money, and energy by teaming up with them—guaranteed.

Fundera also offers an Eligibility Tracker, a tool that breaks down the health of your business, and helps you determine what you need to prioritize to unlock better financing options. But it doesn’t stop there. Their small business blog, The Ledger, covers just about anything you’d want to know about how financing your business.

Find working capital for your business by contacting a Fundera Loan Specialist today at 888-995-7680 or visit