Customer’s Corner February 2015

2.25.2015, Written by fieldnation
Field Nation's Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin
Field Nation’s Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin

Greetings Professional Providers and Buyers,

This is the time of year I get a bit jealous over the fact that some of you are in those warmer climate states and not putting up with this COLD weather! Well, hopefully we will see spring time soon my friends, but I did hear that the groundhog felt differently on this point! On another note, I hope everyone is still sticking to those New Year’s resolutions, right?

We are well into 2015 with month number two already under our belts. Time flies when we are having fun, right? This brings to mind a point that our work should be fun. I know sometimes that may be hard to fathom, but if we do not like what we do then why are we doing it? I assure you I have fun performing my daily tasks and then some. Some tasks are certainly more cumbersome than others, but I like to make a game out of some of the more tedious ones. It works for me; you should try it sometime – you may find it works for you as well.

I would like to share some points that our CEO, Mynul Khan, brought up recently that I think apply to both provider and buyer and all of us here at Field Nation. Mynul asked the following question regarding the utilization of Field Nation: “Can you tell why?”

Why do buyers come to us? Why do providers come to us? We need to remember what our core values are to all of you. These reasons herein below explain the basics of what we do and why we have value for all of you:

Coverage: Companies can directly work with an on-demand workforce (direct-to-contractor model) with a wide range of skillsets across the U.S. & Canada.

Software: Field Nation’s optimized software makes contractor engagement, work management and payments seamless and easily scalable.

Price: Our marketplace is based on the direct-to-contractor model and eliminates all middlemen. Buyers decide how much to pay directly to the contractor for a project – there is no Field Nation fee for the buyer; the buyer only pays when a job is done to their satisfaction.

Control & Transparency: A buyer controls who gets the job by selecting the contractor based on qualifications and past ratings. The buyer also decides how much to pay and only approves payment when the job is done to the complete satisfaction of both the buyer and their client. Throughout every step of the process, the buyer and provider communicate and coordinate directly with each other through the Field Nation platform.

Back Office: Field Nation takes care of all the payments to the providers. We do the 1099 tax reporting and have general liability insurance that can cover every job up to $1,000,000.00.

Folks, these items I just mentioned can increase the options for both a buyer and a provider tenfold, which creates a very tight-knit preferred network of talented individuals to deal with on both sides of the fence. You are the talent and we bring you together – Field Nation is your solution!

Finally, the Field Nation Android Mobile app has launched and is really smooth, so try it out. Also, all work orders are now insured via the Field Nation general liability insurance program. We have secured a failsafe solution that assures all work orders are covered. We also just launched Work Smart Connect! This is a very clever way of getting those emails turned into work orders on Field Nation, so be sure to give it a look!

Alright, time for a tip or two:

  1. Buyers, please remember if you are going to cut and paste into work orders to be sure the information is relevant to the work. We have had issues where there is some confusion because of information or direction that are left out of the scope and some things added that were not in fact a part of the work order. It can happen. Dispatchers get busy and it is always best to use our templates when you can to eliminate any confusion.
  2. Providers, please remember that the “Added Expenses” section is not a place to add labor. If you have agreed with the buyer to a travel charge of some sort, that is one thing. However, you should refrain from putting any additional hours in this area. Instead, use a “Spend Limit Increase” or just add the additional time.
  3. For buyers and providers, with regards to a “Spend Limit Increase,” please note the fact that these SLI’s are agreed upon in the messages of the work order. We often run into issues where it is a “he-said/she-said” situation and then whoever is approving the work order does not know that an increase has been authorized. This can also go sideways when a provider assumes an SLI would be granted and adds it to the work order without authorization. If you put it in the work order messages, it is just like having it in writing.

Well that is it for another month, my friends. I just got back from a trip out to our Minneapolis office last week and now it is cold here in Missouri as well. Nothing like good old Minnesota though. When it is cold up there, they mean it!

Thank you as always for all you do every day to continue to make Field Nation such a success. We could not do any of this without YOU.

Feel free to send me an email or a phone call if you want to join my group “VP Customer Service Corner” in Field Nation.