Customer’s Corner January 2016

1.28.2016, Written by fieldnation
Field Nation's Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin
Field Nation’s Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin

Greetings Professional Providers and Buyers,

Here we are, already a couple of weeks into 2016 and going strong! Remember my friends, without all of you, we would not be here. Did any of you make a New Year’s resolution? I did; actually, I made a few; that way, in case I miss one or two, I don’t feel so bad (I do this every year – gives me some wiggle room)!

We are driving hard with the pedal to the metal and it is going to be another stellar year at Field Nation. New features are constantly being implemented and more are always on the way. We have also noticed our users finding meaningful ways to engage with each other and strengthen their communication. This is a fantastic way to leverage your position in garnering more available business that requires multiple providers.

I had another great conversation recently with a seasoned veteran who wanted to discuss the verbiage that was being tossed around by a few providers in one of the groups regarding what they thought was a low rate for services on a particular project. You know the terms: “lowball, Pizza Pete” etc. Well, this individual looked the work order over, made a few calls, got several Field Nation providers together to request the work, which was then accepted. After all was said and done, every provider who had helped him was paid more than fair, and he ended up netting $3,100 for himself. That’s right – while some were typing and complaining, he grabbed the opportunity and made it work. My point is that it is easy to complain, but how about putting that energy into coming up with a strategy? Think about it – sometimes, you have to go outside of the box with your thinking on some of these things, my friends.

Now, I will tell you that this provider is a go-getter. He travels and knows how to negotiate with buyers. My point is that the system works, my friends. I know many, many more who are making a great living by conducting their work on Field Nation. I just received a call from a provider who told me he had made $4,000 last week and is slated to make another $4,000 this week. I love to hear great news like this! I wanted to share this with you, as it is always nice to hear your success stories. It makes me proud. We have so many great buyers and providers here and when we work together, we will all be successful. So, roll up your sleeves and put your heads together and have at it! The opportunities are there. It is easy to sit and complain about this and that, however no one pays you to sit and type.

I also wanted to mention that Field Nation has updated the Platform Insurance Program. Last year, we introduced the first-ever general liability insurance program that gave providers the coverage they needed to build trust and establish lasting client relationships. Now, in addition to general liability coverage, the program includes professional liability (also known as errors and omissions), which has been made available at no additional cost to you. This is just one of many ways Field Nation is constantly innovating the industry and helping you get work done while addressing the things that matter most to our users.

All right – time for a few tips for our buyers and providers.


  1. Buyers: Please approve work that has been completed for you within a reasonable amount of time. We have many who linger and work orders sit in the “work done” stage for weeks. This becomes frustrating for all parties involved. Most providers expect approval of their work within a reasonable time frame, usually 5 to 7 days, with 10 being the recommended max. If the work order cannot be approved for some reason, it should be pushed back to the provider which can be achieved by going to the bottom of the “Approval and Payment” tab and clicking on “Tell Provider Work is Not Complete.” You can then enter what the issue is and the provider gets an immediate alert that there is a problem. This will help maintain a good rapport between you and the providers you work with, and is oftentimes the largest factor in determining whether they will do business with you again.
  1. Providers: Make sure you develop a healthy working relationship with the buyer at the onset of your very first work order. Ask them to add you to their Preferred Provider list, and remember to utilize the message system in the work order or call when necessary to keep the lines of communication open. This will be to everyone’s benefit and will save you a lot of time in trying to figure out who is who since you will already have established the relationship. Finally, don’t forget that once you have been added as a Preferred Provider, your name will be highlighted in bright orange on the list of requesting providers for a work order, so this benefit really is that easy.


You know what we are all about here at Field Nation – I say it all the time – everyone is always eager to assist you. I believe this is what sets us apart from the other platforms out there. Relationship management is the key, people – believe it!

That is it for this month, my friends. I am already tired of winter. We have had about two inches of snow in Missouri, so I shouldn’t complain, right? The older I get, the more of a hassle winter seems to be. I am a shorts and t-shirt guy myself, so I am already waiting for spring. I know it is a long way off, but I am hoping for sooner rather than later.

And again, my friends, this comes from me personally and all of our amazing staff at Field Nation – thank you! You are the reason we are here, and we are all very grateful. I must sound like a broken record at times, but it is the absolute truth. We appreciate all of you!

Feel free to send me an email or call me if you are interested in joining my group “VP Customer Service Corner” in Field Nation.

Everyone, as always, BE SAFE.