Customer’s Corner July 2015

7.23.2015, Written by fieldnation
Field Nation's Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin
Field Nation’s Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin

Greetings Professional Providers and Buyers,

Rain and heat, heat and rain, yes summer is here! It is incredible the amount of rain we have had just about everywhere in the country. I feel for those who had to experience the floods. Some lost homes and some lost much more than that; this was so very unfortunate. I will tell you that the Mississippi is roughly 12 miles from where I live here in Missouri and I am glad. She is so beautiful, but when she starts rising to flood levels, you realize how dangerous she can be as well. Anyway, it is good to keep in mind and be thankful we are safe.

I would like to speak to you about a system we have here that is incredibly powerful. It is our Provider Performance Event Management system, or as we all call it, the PPEM. The PPEM records all events that come into question in a work order – like when a buyer or provider gives a bad rating or if a provider is a “no-call/no-show” on a job (which is a serious violation of the Field Nation work order terms and conditions agreement). These events also include, but are not limited to, late cancellations, the use of foul language, not following instructions, not having the proper tools to do the job, etc. All of these events are dropped into the PPEM and are then reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team. Penalties for these violations can range from a verbal warning to a 7 or 14 day suspension, all the way up to 30, 60, or even a 90 day suspension from the Open Marketplace. There can also be an indefinite suspension as well.

Suspension does not remove access to work orders from Preferred Provider networks nor does it prevent work orders from being routed directly to a service provider. But it does mean that you will not see any work orders from new buyers or buyers that did not have you listed in their preferred network. We are currently in the process of updating our list of violations so both buyers and providers know what the repercussions are for breaking a policy. This list is a guideline and Field Nation does reserve the right to be flexible with enforcement. Please keep in mind that we want the best providers and the best buyers and we can all assist each other to attain this goal, but realize we are also committed to maintaining the integrity of our system for everyone. People who fulfill their commitments are what makes the process a success!

While I am on the subject, I wanted to mention something that is of interest to both buyers and providers as well. This is in reference to our “counter offer” feature. When a provider enters any verbiage into the explanation box that would seemingly attempt to alter the contract between them and the buyer, Field Nation does not enforce this – remember, a work order is a contract between the buyer and provider only. Users should use the “pay rate” and “expense fields” to make any counter offers. If this does not meet your needs, message the buyer and have the terms of the work order updated through the messaging system. Please watch for changes to this feature within the next week or two.

There has also been a lot of discussion in the group blogs about the new Field Nation work order layout. I will have Mary Ann Tackett, our Senior UX Designer, join us next month as she will be able to shed insight into the changes and all of the benefits you might not realize are now available to you. Once you hear about all of the new features, you will see what a powerful update this is and how it is going to make your life easier.

Change is not always easy to accept – I am usually the last one to adopt anything new and typically wait until the day when “return to the old format “is gone. Then I will call up our IT department and have them tell me “Yes Art, once again you are the last one; and yes, it really is better for you!”

Change is good. It is healthy and the changes being made here at Field Nation are robust. We are the premier platform and we will continue to enhance our user’s experience by listening to all of you. Buyers and providers alike are the driving force behind many of the changes we make to our system. The difference between us and many of our competitors is that we listen. Please do not get me wrong: I will never bash a competitor, nor will anyone else at Field Nation. We like to look at it this way: they have their way and we have ours. It just so happens that we feel “The Field Nation Way” is the better choice!

I am going to give everyone a break from tips and pointers this month. But again, I must stress the importance of communication. Yes, I sound like the proverbial broken record. Or would that be tape? No, CD perhaps? Maybe recording or proverbial YouTube posting? (Moving through my age somewhat with that comment!) Remember to pick up the phone. We have become much too reliant on messages and emails. Always back up your phone conversation or voicemail with a message in the work order. I am a staunch advocate of a paper trail. If we could just stop and make a phone call, it would all be so much easier to deal with a disagreement or a misunderstanding. Our Sales Team thrives on the phone call; our Account Managers pounce at the opportunity to speak to someone about their issues. And as you all know, my phone number is out there for just about everyone at this point. I do get a lot of calls; however, keep in mind this means that we are maintaining a relationship. It is not just some machine. No matter how good the system is, if you do not maintain a strong relationship, then we do not do the system justice. Or, feel free to call our Support Team when you need assistance – they are available 24/7/365. And remember, you can always call me. I spoke to a provider last night at 7:45pm. I did listen to his message first, but realized that it was important, so I picked up. Will that happen all the time? Most likely not, but I did make the attempt. Now jot it down in the messages of the work order.  Will that happen anywhere else? Not to my knowledge; VP of Customer Service on the phone with you at 7:45pm? Don’t get me wrong here, I am not trying to toot my own horn, but if you are really concerned and it is important, you can call someone. It may be for some clarity or assistance, but the thing is, an attempt was made to speak to someone. Try it, it works!

Lastly, our recent acquisition of FieldSolutions is still progressing. Many of you have asked and the finality is we are one company – Field Nation.

That is it for this month. Please feel free to send me an email or call me if you want to join my group “VP Customer Service Corner” in Field Nation. I always enjoy hearing from everyone.

Our hearts go out to all who have suffered from these floods. God Bless.

Thanks to all for your continued support of Field Nation, and as always BE SAFE.