Customer’s Corner July 2016

7.28.2016, Written by Nora Hartman

Greetings Professional Providers and Buyers,

Art Jenkin, Field Nation Vice President of Customer Service
Art Jenkin, Field Nation Vice President of Customer Service

There is a heat wave here in Missouri where I reside, and also in many parts of our great country, my friends. There are a lot of fires still raging out in California and flooding elsewhere across our land. Many are going through some very hard times due to these circumstances. Let us all hope they are kept safe from harm and our hearts go out to all those who have suffered from these fires and floods. We need to keep these people in mind as we go about our busy days. Hopefully the weather is cooperating where you live and you are able to enjoy our summer weather. I certainly hope everyone’s summer is going well and that all are safe.

To begin, let’s discuss our ratings system, as we still need more providers rating buyers.  The last report I saw from July 17th had buyers rating 38% of providers and providers rating 9% of buyers. This is something that we really need to improve on moving forward. Keep in mind both buyers and providers have the right to express their opinions about their experience in order to maintain transparency. If a provider did a good job, rate them and don’t forget to add them to your preferred provider list. If a provider didn’t do a great job, then rate them accordingly. Providers should do the same for the buyers they do business with. Please keep in mind the ratings need to be constructive or they fail in their purpose. It is always easy to see if someone is playing “get even,” so to speak. If we get more people from both sides to rate each other, it will be a positive thing for all.

I hope by now that all of our buyers are using their Executive Dashboard. This is an amazing tool that enhances your view of how well our system is working for you. If any buyers have not yet used this tool, give it a try. If you need assistance, reach out to your account manager or our support team. This tool really does give you some very deep insights as to how your company and specific individuals within your company are utilizing Field Nation. As a reminder, you can view the information regarding the dashboard here.

Let us revisit professionalism. We all know how it works with social media – you post something, it gets copied and pasted… We really need to be mindful of the fact that anything we post is out there forever and that we need to maintain our professionalism and watch our behavior while online. I will give you a quick example: I know of many buyers that have blocked providers who have never worked for them. Remember, the social groups on Field Nation are not just for providers. Buyers actually read them and observe the conduct of providers. When they see that some providers are speaking down to others and conducting themselves in an unprofessional manner, they will block them. I have said this before and I will say it again: please watch what you say or you will actually be taking work off of your table while you are publicly venting your frustrations. Here at Field Nation, when we have meetings we like to remind each other that it’s being recorded for everyone to see. Makes you think twice, right? Keep that in mind next time you decide to work the keyboard late at night. Someone will see it in the morning and may not think you are the right person they wish to do business with. Also, do remember that you have the privilege of removing your posts here on Field Nation’s social groups. So if you need to trash something you said, do it.

As I often say, “We are all sales people. Every action we take sells and further enhances existing sales by maintaining relationship management with everyone. Every interaction counts.” Think about it – you are selling your services, so keep your cool. If you are upset, give it some time before you go off on a tangent you may regret. Knee-jerk reactions do no one any good.

I have heard a lot of complaints from providers about what they consider to be very low-priced work orders. A question I am often asked is “How can Field Nation allow this?” Well the answer is the same every time; we do not set pricing for buyers’ work orders. Certainly at times if a buyer is having a hard time getting requests I may suggest they raise their price, but the decision is theirs. But do you know who can influence the price? The provider can by counter-offering. If the buyer has counter-offer turned off in the platform, you can professionally suggest to them through the message system of the work order that you are interested, but you would need to have an increase to do the work for them. If you are not interested in the work order, then ignore it. Cheap shots in messages about a buyer’s pricing will get you nowhere and will get you blocked by the buyer I guarantee it.

I am politely requesting that buyers and providers keep giving us your suggestions. Many of the enhancements we have made are due to the suggestions you bring our way. We are the premier platform, and we have all of you to thank for this! We will continue to enhance the experience by listening to all of you. Buyers and providers alike are the driving force behind so many changes we have made to our system. The difference between us and many of our competitors is that we listen.

That’s it for this month. Please feel free to send me an email at, or call me if you want to join my group “VP Customer Service Corner” in Field Nation. I always enjoy hearing from everyone.

Thanks to all for your continued support of Field Nation and as always BE SAFE.