Customer’s Corner March 2015

3.26.2015, Written by fieldnation
Field Nation's Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin
Field Nation’s Vice President of Customer Service, Art Jenkin

Greetings Professional Providers and Buyers,

Spring has sprung! Hear that old man winter? NO MAS! Time to get back outside and get those grills fired up! Breathe in that much more tolerable air temperature. It is like breathing a sigh of relief, right? I love it. Almost time to get the Harley out as well; all you bike enthusiasts are more than ready, as I know I am. I have been ready my friends.

I want to remind all of the providers of an issue I have brought up many, many times before that can help you get more work on Field Nation. Yes, again my friends, it is your profile. This is what sells you to the buyer. Your profile page is very important. I was discussing this with our new Manager of Training and Quality Assurance, Ms. Nancy Wurm. Nancy mentioned the following during a recent review after a provider asked “How can I get more work?”


  1. Double check for spelling errors and capitalization. Be sure to capitalize your company’s name and include a profile picture.
  2. Add a tagline to set yourself apart, such as “Quality, Integrity & Experience for all your Technology Needs.” Make it basic, yet catchy and sincere.
  3. Do you have any licenses or certificates? If so, list them! If not, Field Nation has partnered with many organizations to assist you in getting licenses & certifications.
  4. Be sure to list your education.
  5. Have you completed a background and/or drug test? Buyers tend to look for these badges on a service provider’s profile and we are starting to see this more frequently.
  6. Do you carry your own General Liability Insurance? If so, make sure you list it on your profile; if not, Field Nation now offers a General Liability Insurance program that you can take advantage of.
  7. How about your “About” section? This is one of the first things a buyer sees, my friends. I would state how many years of experience you have and whether you have done work on other platforms as well. If you have, be sure to let people know so they understand you have experience in this environment. For example: “Has five years’ experience successfully performing fiber cabling work through other platforms.”
  8. Sign up for Field Nation recruitments and be sure to complete them.
  9. If you see a work order you are interested in, you can always counteroffer at a lower rate to try and complete your first job and get it under your belt. Also, remember you can also message the buyer to let them know you are interested and mention that you are nearby, etc.


Does all of this make sense? Sure it does! And it only takes a few minutes of your time to beef up your profile and make it interesting to the buyer so you can get more work.

Now, one suggestion for the buyers. This has been said many times before, as well, but please approve your work orders in a timely manner once they have been marked as complete so that the provider can be compensated for the work done on your behalf. We sometimes experience a backlog of work sitting in work done status that just sits and sits and… well, you get the picture. Please help us here. When things get caught up, it is in the best interest of all involved – and we appreciate it, so thank you!

Friends, we have a great function coming up at our headquarters on Tuesday, April 7th. I would like to invite you to our headquarters for the official launch of the Field Nation Freelancer CoLo!

We are excited to invite Field Nation users to join the CoLo, which is located on the 23rd Floor of the AT&T Tower in Minneapolis, MN. The CoLo is a designated co-location workspace where you can get work done. Whether you are in town to meet a client, working on a call in the area or hosting a meeting, we welcome you to utilize our accommodations to conduct and grow your business.

This is a grand opportunity to work with us. Remember, we are a part of your team. That is how we view all of you here at Field Nation. We want both buyers and providers to be aware of this awesome opportunity and utilize it at your convenience.

Be sure to check out the CoLo homepage for more information on the amenities and link to the training module – everything is free, you just need to read the rules!

Due to the overwhelming requests from providers such as Clint Anderson and the like, I will be in Minnesota that week. If you want to come meet and talk with me in person, this is your chance. Autographs are free and you may also get a picture with me as well!

Seriously this is some great stuff, ladies and gentlemen. Please mark your calendar as this is going to be a super event and you can meet many of the other Field Nation staff you have interacted with as well. Be there or be square my friends, all are welcome.

Oh yes, one last thing to mention here. We received some very interesting information last week regarding the top earning service providers on Field Nation in 2014.

We learned that dozens of providers made salaries of well over six figures by finding work on Field Nation, while thousands of others achieved more than the average salary for an independent contractor in the U.S.

All I can say is SWEET! You have to love success. We appreciate your support.

That is all for this month, my friends. Please feel free to send me an email or a phone call if you want to join my group “VP Customer Service Corner” in Field Nation.

Good weather is here! Enjoy yourselves and as always BE SAFE.