Customer’s Corner November 2014

11.25.2014, Written by fieldnation


Greetings Professional Service Providers and Service Buyers,


Thanksgiving is here and November is coming to a close. Time is ticking down for 2014. We all have so much to be thankful for. I like to remember that when things get tough, there is always someone in a different position you would not want to trade troubles with. Personally, I have been through a lot this year and am very thankful to be here typing this blog right now.

I would like to start off this month by discussing the importance and benefit our users could gain by collaborating with other people.

We will be announcing a new initiative next week that will be available to current Field Nation users (buyers, providers and partners). It is called CoLo, and more information will be coming forthwith. The CoLo will enable people to use the Field Nation office space in Minneapolis to get their own work done, and applicable members will have to first complete a recruitment. I do not have the whole skinny on it yet, but this will be an upcoming opportunity for our users to Get Work Done!

I would also like to mention that there are many other initiatives going on that are quite collaborative in nature. There are a myriad of training and certification opportunities from our partners that can help you get more work. Service providers should keep in mind that when you run into opportunities that require a helper or a long-term commitment, reach out to others who are registered on Field Nation and work together to capture new service offerings dependent upon location, expertise, etc. Not sure who is in your area? Call our support staff and we will help! There are many ways that you can enhance your experience and business with Field Nation.

Lastly, it dawned on me that in the past, I have always addressed this blog to our service providers; these monthly messages are for service buyers, providers, as well as all of our users. So with that in mind, I have listed a few points that I know can assist our buyers in utilizing Field Nation to Get Work Done!


  1. Never route a work order unless you have an established relationship with a provider and they are expecting you to send work directly. Avoid mass routing: this leaves the door open for the first provider who requests to become automatically assigned. While it is ultimately your decision, an industry best practice is to publish a work order and then review the requesting provider’s profiles and assign accordingly.
  2. Always leave “counter offer” turned on and be sure to look over the counter offer price requested by the provider, and any terms therein as well. Never assign a work order without thoroughly reviewing the counter offer.
  3. Once you publish a work order, be sure you go to the “provider info” tab and scroll down to “Providers Company has Worked with Previously.” Click and see if there are any providers that have worked with you before; if they have, you can see their phone number and can call them to see if they will assist and cover for you.
  4. Use the “message system” in the work order to ask Field Nation support for assistance in finding coverage if you have not received a request within a reasonable amount of time. The message system can also be used to communicate with the provider and will keep a permanent record of any note you enter regarding all actions and conversations that occur.
  5. Always remember that you can call Field Nation support if assistance is needed. We can be reached at (877) 573-4353, Ext. 1, or send an email to
  6. If you run into a situation with a provider that seems to be going sideways, call or send a message to Field Nation support in the work order right away. There is no need to go back and forth with the provider if no progress is being made; if there is a problem, let us know – we can and will help you.
  7. Always add a provider to one of your “Preferred Provider” lists when they have done a good job. This is how you build your own Preferred Network of providers. Then, when someone on your Preferred list requests a work order, you will see an orange box that highlights this status. This will help your staff select the most qualified providers in a more expedient manner.
  8. Always use “tasks” when you have deliverables that need to be uploaded before approval. When you use tasks, the provider cannot mark the work order as “done” unless they have completed the tasks you have listed. This helps prevent you from having to chase down deliverables and makes the approval process much easier for your staff.
  9. Do not assume a provider will make a return trip for parts, etc. Be sure to specify in the “full work description” what you expect – if you will pay for a return trip, this is the place to say so.
  10. Approve the work order in a timely manner, usually within five days. Otherwise, you need to state in the work order that there will be a certain length of time until approval. The provider expects to be compensated for their efforts within a reasonable amount of time; doing so will establish a good line of communication, as well as dedication that is beneficial to both you and the provider.


As we move forward, I will add some tips on a regular basis for both buyers and providers. When we work together, we can make this a great experience for everyone.


That is it for this month, my friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you! This comes from me personally, and from all of our amazing staff at Field Nation. Remember: you are the reason we are here, and for that we are grateful.


Feel free to send me an email or give me a phone call if you want to join my group “Vice President’s Service Corner” in Field Nation.