Customer’s Corner October 2016

10.31.2016, Written by fieldnation
Art Jenkin, Field Nation Vice President of Customer Service
Art Jenkin, Field Nation Vice President of Customer Service

Greetings Professional Providers and Buyers,

October is such a beautiful month. I enjoy the freshness it brings as the leaves turn color and the air is crisp in the morning. It is almost like Mother Earth is having a bit of a wash down before the winter sets in. Fall is a great time of year. A time of change. A good time for all of us to reflect on our summer and our accomplishments. James Taylor put out an album a few years back called October Road. Check it out. Good fall music in my opinion. And lest we forget, Holidays are on the way! Good times.

Now I want to go over a few things that came my way this week. When people call me to express concerns I have decided, we will address these concerns right here when possible. After all, as we well know there are many with the same concerns but only one or two will come forward at times. When they do, I will address them herein. First I had a concern brought my way regarding the fact that he feels that Buyers are putting out works orders below his average charges for service. Simple answer: make a counter offer first. Second, message the Buyer and explain what you need and why. Third, if you do not like the offer then do not get involved in the work order. Why bother right? Just ignore it and move on. Too many times we have Providers making snide remarks etc. in messages about the rates; This does no one any good and is quite revealing to the Buyer as to whether or not they would ever want to work with you. They may have some other work orders coming that are at a much higher price range. Remember a blog or two ago I mentioned the Buyers who were blocking Providers for the way they were conversing in Groups? Same thing applies here my friends. Always be professional. For you may be causing damage to yourself without realizing it.

OK, next thing (and we have been here before as well): Spend Limit Increases. I have said this before, and I will say it again for I find myself saying it a couple of times a week. Get the approval for the SLI in messages. Have the Buyer say YES, we will approve your spend limit increase. Or even get them to change the rate completely on the work order to accommodate the extra time and pay rate needed to complete the job. Ladies and Gentlemen if you say well, so and so said just go ahead and do it, you are short changing yourself. Make sure you get the rate changed or make sure you get it approved in messages, so there is no doubts and nothing left to chance. Lastly, if you are uncertain, do not put it into work done. Message the Buyer or FN for by doing so you are protecting yourself. Additionally, realize that Buyers can always increase the rate on the work order. They cannot reduce it without your consent, and Field Nation has to do it unless you give a discount on the work order yourself. Clear? If not let me know.
Here are four reminders from past blogs:

  1. Do you have any licenses or certifications? If so, list them; if not, Field Nation has partnered with many organizations that offer discounts and deals on top industry certifications so you can get licensed.
  2. Be sure to list any education you have completed.
  3. Have you gotten a background and/or drug test? Working with background and/or drug tested providers is also becoming a more frequent requirement for buyers and they will often look for these badges on your profile. Buyers can also conduct searches using a filter to select professionals that meet this criteria, so give yourself the best shot possible to be included in as many jobs as possible by uploading your results if you have them. Finally, have you considered trying to become a Protec-certified technician?
  4. Do you carry your own General Liability Insurance? If not, Field Nation offers an affordable insurance program that protects you on a job-by-job basis; we also cover all Professional Liability claims as well.

Well, as I wrap up this month, I would like to remind everyone again about the Rating System. I was recently very glad to see Buyers had reached 50% and Providers were at 20%. This is GREAT progress. Come on people, be transparent! It benefits all involved. Keep it up — RATE!

Oh, and one more thing, this is for the Buyers. Buyers please when you have a situation where a work order is sitting I work done, and there is an issue as to why you cannot approve it, use the system to your advantage. Go to the Approval and Payment Tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and see “Tell Provider that work order is incomplete.” Then place the reason you cannot Approve the work order in the dialog box and submit. This will not only push the work order back into Assigned status immediately it also alerts the Provider that there is an issue that needs to be resolved. So many time, too many actually, work order just sit in Work Done and then Providers are calling us asking why they have not been approved. Then we have to contact the Buyer and get an answer etc., etc. You see what I am getting at here? There is a procedure built into the system for you to use when there is an issue. It is much easier to deal directly with the Provider most times in this manner. So remember if there is an issue, push it back to Assigned status and let the Provider know what it is. It is much quicker this way than going back and forth through us. Believe me; we are here to help you always. But this is something you can do to help yourselves and the Provider as well. It also lends clarity to the whole process and will significantly reduce the number of phone calls we have to make. Thanks in advance for your support on this!

As I have said many times my friends we here at Field Nation are committed to you. We need you so we can grow. You are the reason we have grown. Both Buyers and Providers: we greatly appreciate you!

That is it for this month my friends.

Please feel free to send me an email at or call me if you want to join my group “VP Customer Service Corner” in Field Nation. I always enjoy hearing from everyone.

Thanks you all for your continued support of Field Nation.

And in all you do, BE SAFE.