Director’s Corner August 2014

8.28.2014, Written by fieldnation




Art2Greetings Professional Providers,


Labor Day? What? Where did the summer go? I swear the younger I get the faster time flies!


I was talking with Mynul recently about Customer Service and how I had referenced this in my Directors Corner contribution for July. Mr. Khan said something that really weighed heavily with me. He said that we are serious about building a great enduring company and we need to focus as well on building an enduring culture that reflects our values. I actually wrote these words down as I often do when someone says something that hits home with me. So I went back and read them later on and then circled back and read them again. It occurred to me that this is something that I could share with everyone.


Culture and values – things that make a company and an individual stand out from the crowd. This is what makes us all the professionals that we are. So I wanted to touch on a few things here. Bear with me and I hope it all pulls together for you at the end.


I often discuss internal and external customers with our team members here at Field Nation. These are two distinct designations but they do go hand in hand. Let’s have a look at these for a moment.


Who is your Internal Customer? Internal customers are specific people and departments who play a role in helping you to serve our external customers.


Who is your External Customer? External customers include not only the paying customer, but also anyone who receives the benefit of the goods and services.


Now when you look at this, I hope you realize as I do that this applies to all of us. We here at Field Nation would not exist without you. Our providers are the main cog that turns the wheels and gets the job done for our buyers.  And in turn without the buyers, neither of us would be here. So keeping this in mind, I reflect back to what Mynul had said once again. And I come up with something that I have said before so bear with me as I repeat once again. The transition from ordinary to extraordinary performance is the result of a “Culture of Commitment” where frontline people reflect to the outside the intense pride and ownership they are experiencing on the inside.


So keeping that in mind, I feel that what Mynul has said is something that bleeds over into both the buyer and provider parts of Field Nation. We need you to feel as excited as we feel. We want you to be as engaged as we are. For as stated – without you, we would not exist. I have seen where Field Nation has been, where we are, and have the vision to see where we can and will be. All of this takes a commitment from internal and external. Working together we all make it happen.


Culture and values are important business tools for all of us as we move forward together.


That’s it for this month my friends.  Feel free to send me an email or phone call if you want to join my group “Director’s Corner” in Field Nation!


BE SAFE out there.