Director’s Corner February 2014

2.25.2014, Written by fieldnation

Art2Dear Providers,
Here are a couple of good tips to doing business.


Requesting Assignment

You can send a message to the Buyer after you have requested a work order asking them to consider assigning you to the work order due to your experience, past history with them etc.


Spend Limit Increases

When you need a spend limit increase due to extra work or out of scope etc, ask the buyer to change the amount of the work order right then instead of putting in an SLI.


If you do put in an SLI make sure the individual you have received approval from puts a note in messages on the work order. You should do so as well. Be sure to mention their name ( first and last ) and the time and date you spoke to them and what the amount of the spend limit that has been agreed upon.


The Importance of Documentation

Be sure to document every conversation you have with the buyer in the messages on the work order. I can not stress enough how very important this is. Record your interactions in messages.


Always get signed paperwork when required. And always make sure the time on the paperwork the end user signs matches exactly to what you are recording in the Field Nation system.


We look forward to another stellar year here at Field Nation and want you to know we appreciate your continued support. Thank you!