Director’s Corner July 2014

7.29.2014, Written by fieldnation

Art2Greetings Professional Providers,

Well, we are already rolling into August. Where does the time go? Tell you what, as many of you know, I have been recuperating from a knee replacement so I have been pigeonholed in my lair watching the summer go by – not fun. The Harley is in the garage and I am on the couch…but I am on the mend, so I cannot complain!

Speaking of my operation, it actually went well. But let me tell you, I had some lousy customer service from the nursing staff at the hospital – just horrible. I was there for nine days and could not wait to leave. I could tell there were people there who once had stellar careers, hopes and dreams, all of which had been diminished into “just a job.” This was very evident in their actions and the care they provided, and, oh yes my friends, I did write a letter: Lousy customer service.

Customer Service. It touches our lives daily in many ways. If we are not on the receiving end, we are on the supply side. So where do you stand when it comes to delivering Great Customer Service? Do you fix the unit, the problem? Good! You fulfilled the statement of work. But did you fix the customer? Therein lays the key to completely stellar customer service – you need to be able to fix the customer as well! Not always an easy task, as we all know, but you professionals out there know exactly what I mean here. To give great customer service, you need the ability to do both.

I hold Customer Service Sessions in-house at Field Nation. Throughout the year, I work with our entire staff and one thing we stress is that the customers are why we are here. We need to focus every day on both the people who do the work (service providers), as well as the people who give the work (service buyers), and even our own Field Nation team members, for they are our customers too.

Remember one thing, and this is golden:

“The transition from ordinary to extraordinary performance by a company or a single individual happens through a Culture of Commitment. This is where front line people reflect to their customers the intense pride and ownership they are experiencing themselves.”

Keep up the good work, ladies and gentlemen. Field Nation stands behind you and your professional services.

I will leave you with one more thought on this subject:

“Customer Service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that the product or service has fully met the customer’s expectations.”

That’s it for this month, my friends. Feel free to send me an email or give me a ring if you want to join my group “Director’s Corner” in Field Nation! Be safe out there!