Featured Provider: Mike Grzegorczyk

7.6.2012, Written by Andrew Kandels


Kicking off Field Nation’s first ever featured provider, we had the privilege of speaking with Michael Grzegorczyk, or as he likes to be known, “Mike Gee.” It was an honor getting the opportunity to speak with someone who is so accomplished. 

Based out of Southern California and also doing work in Northern California, Mike has been providing service in various technical disciplines since 1981. At 61 years of age (and still leading an active lifestyle!), Mike possesses the experience and skill set that makes him one of the most highly sought after providers on Field Nation. With a resume and work experience that would humble even the most accomplished of professionals, it is truly special for us here at Field Nation to be able to boast of such talent in our provider marketplace.  

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation.

First and foremost, how on earth do you pronounce your last name?
I get asked this all the time, it’s the reason I have been known as Mike Gee since my days in Vietnam! It is pronounced GEE-GOR-CHECK. But like I said I am known as Mike Gee.
So you’ve been a service provider for over 30 years, how long have you been working with Field Nation?

I have been providing T1, low voltage cabling, phone systems, card access control services, fiber optics, point of sale, basically you-name-it-I-do-it services for Field Nation for the past three and a half years.

Do you get most of your work through Field Nation or do you primarily use us as a way to find some part time work?

All my big work comes from Field Nation. I have an excellent relationship with several of your clients and they consistently call me for T1 and cabling work. Field Nation has done an amazing job of giving me an opportunity to connect and do business without the hassle of marketing myself or worrying about any of the back-end things. They allow me to let my work speak for itself and in turn I am rewarded by being a sought after provider.

What are the main ways you use our platform besides the obvious: just finding work?

I use it to review jobs, I look at the ratings and I take advantage of the marketing tools you offer as well. As not just a provider but also a business man, it is pertinent to me to make sure I am exploring the full potential of such a powerful tool like Field Nation. Anyone who isn’t taking full advantage of what you offer is just hurting themselves.

What would you like to improve with your business?

Well other than retire and focus more time on my family and leisure activities, nothing really. Field Nation has been providing more work than I can even handle. Having a reputation like mine and being in a highly populated area, I have more job opportunities then I could have ever hoped for! I also have a one man handyman construction business too that I integrate with my work on Field Nation. For example, if I need to install a phone line in your house I not only am able to do that on the technical side, but I can also patch and paint the hole in the wall created during the work. A good technician does not only do the job he’s required to do, but he leaves the worksite fully presentable and operational so customers are happy, which is my main goal. Field Nation has empowered me to operate as a small business, not just a set of hands doing a job.

If you were charged with giving advice to our younger providers on the three pillars of making a great professional, what would they be?

First off you have to be knowledgeable, with an emphasis on the ABLE part. Second, don’t take on more than you can chew, because if you do it will bite you. If you focus on the quality of your work there will always be more jobs. If you think you can do the work do it, but don’t go in there blind because it will bite you and hurt your reputation. The third and perhaps the most important pillar is customer service. Be respectful, know your place and always keep the customer and Field Nation in the loop. Give detailed accounts of all your work and time spent so customers know exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it to get the work done.

What’s one thing you wish you can communicate to clients using Field Nation?

Be as specific and detailed as possible about the work before the service provider goes to the job site. Whether it’s in the job description or calling beforehand, the more detailed the better it allows me to do a pinpoint job in a timely fashion, and provide excellent customer service.

Do you use any other service platforms to find work?

I used to, but I’ve found them to be extremely unorganized and they have a clique mentality. Instead of the customer seeing the work providers have done and selecting them based off of merit, there is a more who is well connected mentality going on so I have stopped using them. I’ve found Field Nation to be more professional, more effective and if there is an issue with any work you guys are not afraid to call me up and try to remedy the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible which keeps all parties happy. Also Field Nation treats their providers as part of their team, not just a disposable part.

So enough business talk, what are some of your hobbies?

Well, I’m a gardener by heart. I enjoy the relaxation and beauty of it. I am a very hands on person so gardening is one of my favorite things to do. I also have a certificate in Interior Design, so I enjoy decorating my home and business. I love music; I have an appreciation for everything from Jazz to Ballet to Opera and Rock and Roll. Some of my favorite musicians include ZZ Top, Bach, Hank Williams Jr., I like all music, but that’s some of my favorites. I also love my chopper. I’m a big Harley Davidson guy and I enjoy riding and relaxing with the wind at my back and some open road ahead of me.

Finally I just wanted to say on behalf of the team here at Field Nation, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us today!

No problem, and thank you for considering me for this honor, it’s refreshing to see that companies are concerned with the service provider!
Thanks again to Mike for the interview. Remember you can find great service providers like Mike at www.FieldNation.com.

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