Field Nation University Provides Exclusive Video Trainings for Platform Users

3.4.2016, Written by fieldnation

Field Nation University: Technical and Platform Training for Contractors and CompaniesThe explosion of the freelance economy has increased both demand and competition for top talent and expertise, meaning that business leaders are constantly on the lookout for contractors who stand out. At the same time, as more companies incorporate freelancers into their organization’s strategic operations, the need for visibility and control into the selection, onboarding, and management process continues to grow. This is why we are pleased to launch Field Nation University, an exclusive video-based learning platform for companies and contractors.

Field Nation University is designed to help service providers advance their technical skills and field services education, and help service buyers learn how to maximize the benefit of Field Nation’s feature suite. Platform users can watch these instructional videos and complete course trainings to expand marketplace reach and get more work done.

The “Companies” section of Field Nation University is targeted to service buyers and includes informational videos that highlight top Field Nation features, like Field Nation Complete, the Project Management Workbench, and WorkSmart Connect. Buyers will be able to access helpful tips and detailed information on how to best utilize the Field Nation feature suite to maximize workflow, enhance operational proficiencies, and optimize workforce management.

The “Contractors” section of Field Nation University is targeted to service providers and includes video trainings to further expand technical skills and promote acquired expertise to buyers in the marketplace. The first series on “Security and Alarm” offers recommendations on customer service best practices, need-to-know tips, and technical insights on home and automation installation, repair, and maintenance. Over the coming months, new video series will be added to the library so providers can continue to gain knowledge in new areas of the field services industry.

Providers will also be able to receive recognition for completing Field Nation University courses by passing an associated quiz and gaining an FNU badge that will be made visible on their profile. Buyers will be able to see the courses a provider has completed and will soon be able to filter for FNU credentials when looking to engage freelancers in the marketplace. Exclusive work opportunities are also being made available to providers who complete Field Nation University courses with the option to complete a recruitment and be added to a Preferred Provider Network for targeted work orders and projects.

Field Nation University is an interactive and one-of-a-kind learning portal for companies and contractors looking to learn more about optimizing their use of the Field Nation platform to locate, engage, and manage their freelancer relationships. This new addition is just one of the many ways Field Nation is enabling independent contractors to boost their skills and promote their expertise in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and also provide business leaders with the intel needed to successfully manage freelance relationships and processes.

Visit the Field Nation University page for more details.