How to: Enhance Your Profile to get noticed!

5.6.2016, Written by Ross French

Promoting oneself is an integral aspect of being considered for jobs. Online resumes or profiles act as vital channels for showcasing one’s experience, education and skill sets.

On the Field Nation platform, ‘Provider Profiles’ act as your online Resume to showcase your story and exhibit your experience and capabilities for available jobs. Having a detailed profile not only makes it easier for buyers to search for you but it also helps you stand out from the crowd and compete for jobs.

Below screen shot shows the elements in a profile that you, as a provider can enhance to improve your ranking.

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Head Shot: 

First impressions count. Including a professional photo in your profile brings your story to life and attracts more attention. Be sure to upload a high-quality, recent profile picture of yourself, that appropriately describes your role in your industry if possible. An ideal head shot must be a close-up taken in front of a plain white background with adequate lighting with clear focus.

Headline & Summary Section: 

Adding a profile headline and summary helps to make an impression. Use the headline and summary section to showcase your career , experience and create your professional identity. This is a great section to talk about industries and specific manufacturer equipment that you specialize in. For example; if you specialize in printers, a line that reflects your extensive experience in Thermal printers, Laser Printers and Line printers helps to elevate your position. A good practice is also to write about your recent  Background and Drug Tests since buyers often look for that.

Industries Worked In:

This is the most important section in the Field Nation profile. This determines the notifications you receive for jobs close to you and relevant to your profile. When buyers search for providers for their projects, they filter on ‘Type of Work’ to find technicians with required skill sets. Thus, if you are looking for Audio-Visual / Home Theater jobs, having that as a part of your profile in this section helps jump your profile rank.

Skill Sets:

 Skill Sets reflect your professional skills gained either through education or experience. Having a comprehensive skill set section helps buyers gauge if a provider would be a good fit for the job at hand. Note that skill sets also get added to your profile after completing jobs with required skill sets. Review, edit and update your skills section frequently to keep it up to date.

Licences & Certifications:

Don’t just say it, display it! A good provider profile includes details of the certifications and licenses obtained with the relevant license/certification number. Buyers review certifications and license documents to verify stated credentials. Hence it is always a good practice to upload a copy of the certification in this section.


This section can be used to mention equipment that you are adept with and can bring to the site. To ensure the completion of a job, buyers check this section to ensure selected providers have the necessary equipment to complete the task.


A detailed profile is a strong profile. Demonstrate your experience in the industries mentioned above by detailing the company name, tenure of work and work description. Enumerating your responsibilities and achievements here can go a long way in establishing you as a competent choice for the job.


Education details should include the University or Technical College name, Degree earned and when. Education along with the Certifications adds huge value to your professional story.

 We hope you find these tips useful. If you wish to share feedback or have any questions, please email us at