How-To: Get a background check done!

4.29.2016, Written by Ross French

Background checks are often used by recruiters in the HR space to learn more about candidates. This practice has now moved to the freelance economy as well.

Companies on Field Nation often filter their searches for freelancers who have a background check while identifying coverage for their projects. Not only does a background check help you appear in more search results for work opportunities, but background-checked freelancers are 20% more likely to have their marketplace work order request accepted.

Field Nation has partnered with First Advantage to offer easy access to background check services for all our users.

Below steps detail how to get a background check through the Field Nation platform.

Step 1: Login to your Field Nation profile and copy/paste this link into browser – See screen shot below for details.

Step 2: Click the “Begin Screening” buttons to get access to both Background and Drug screens

Step 3: Register with First Advantage

Step 4: Select the screenings you wish to get, enter your information, and pay for screenings online

Step 5: Once submitted, screenings can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks to be completed, depending on the type and your area

Step 6: Once the screenings are completed, positive results are automatically posted to your FN profile for buyers to see.  Negative or fail results on screenings are not displayed on the profile.

BG-2 ver1

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