How To: Get Work Done on Field Nation on your Payment terms & Rate!

5.20.2016, Written by Ross French

An important aspect of working as an independent service provider is that you get to work on your own schedule and terms. Field Nation not only enables you to connect with buyers and preferred type of work but also encourages you to negotiate terms based on work.

Providers can counter offer any job on Field Nation to discuss changes in schedule, payment amount and payment type (change from fixed to hourly or per device). Providers can also add expense that they anticipate for a job during this counter offer. These expenses could be for additional parts or travel. However, providing detailed reasons on why the current offer is being changed goes a long way in having constructive discussions with a buyer and takes you a step closer to an assigned work order. Counter offers can be done through the website or the Field Nation Android / iOS apps. Follow the below steps to place a counter offer for a published work order through the Android app:

Change pay type     Add Expense    Add reason

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