How To: Get your work done, your way, with Field Nation notifications

4.22.2016, Written by Ross French

Field Nation has always worked towards empowering our freelance users by providing them with the ability to control their user experience. From introducing marketplace intelligence features, which gave you insight into benchmark data and pricing, to offering job notification settings that let you select which jobs you are most passionate about pursuing, Field Nation helps you get work done faster and easier than ever.

Filter notifications can be customized by every freelance user on their “Notifications” page.

Interested in only receiving notifications for jobs that pay more than $50? Tailor your notification settings and set a minimum pay or maximum distance limitation so you will only be notified for jobs that fit this criteria. See below screenshot for details:

Provider Notifications_2

Field Nation also makes it easy for you to select the channel and frequency of your alert notifications. Simple drop-down tabs let you choose whether you want to receive text messages always, never, or only during business hours, or receive emails immediately, never, hourly, daily, or weekly for job opportunity.

Provider Notifications_3

We hope you find these product updates useful. If you wish to share any feedback, please email us at or speak to your sales representatives.