How To Hone Your Information Management Skills

5.7.2013, Written by Andrew Kandels
Creative Commons Attribution by Flickr user Eneas
For independent contractors, we have work orders, safety certificates, time logs, forms documentation and photos of the job site before and after. We have content assets in the form of emails, plans in spreadsheets, recommendations in the form of documents and pitches in the form of presentations.  We have deliverables in the form of user manuals, videos, images, text, or even code.
For W2 employees, we have internal documents and forms.  We have collaboration spaces where we share information like project and product documents, customer feedback, launch plans, schedules and how-to guides.
What you should realize is that your skill and practice with information is valuable and in demand. AIIM, the Association of Imaging and Information Managers has launched a new certification called the CIP – Certified Information Professional.  Research shows that 76% of organizations would pay a salary premium for certified information professional and 61% prefer consultants and contractors with a CIP cert. The certification was developed in accordance with ISO 17024 so you and your clients know it will provide ongoing value, wherever you are.
Best of all, AIIM has partnered with Field Nation to provide allthe training material to Field Nation users for free (click the training tab).  There are over 100 video training modules and 6 in-depth chapters covering topics like
  • ·         Access & Use addresses search and data management
  • ·         Capture & Management covers scanning, workflows and email management
  • ·         Collaborate & Deliver dives into social media, web conferencing and safe sharing practices
  • ·         Secure & Preserve talks about information security, privacy and how to preserve your records
  • ·         Architecture & Systems brings up cloud computing and IT systems architecture
  • ·         Plan & Implement has brass tacks best practices on designing and rolling out robust and usable information systems

The unique format is interactive, combining video training with a text based study guide so you can learn how you learn best, at your own pace and without costing you a dime. Field Nation users can also use the special discount code ‘FIELDNATN’ to receive a discount off the price of the CIP exam (proctored through Prometric Testing Services).  

Whether or not you decide to take the exam, the training material is there for you to hone your skills and learn something new that you can take into your next client or business meeting.

Blog written by Billy Cripe