Need Help Filing Your 1099 Tax Return? Field Nation Makes it Easy

2.11.2016, Written by fieldnation

1099 tax documentation made easy for freelancers and independent contractors with Field NationIt’s officially “that” time of the year again – tax season. While the greater American population collectively groans, no group of professionals fret these dreaded months more than the community that operates under a freelance or independent status. We know that freelancers have many perks when it comes to working under their own leadership – greater freedom, more control, the ability to pursue a passion; we also know that nothing dampens the high of being your boss like having to file your own taxes. That is why Field Nation makes it easy for independent professionals to access their 1099 documentation in only a few simple steps. But for workers who conducted business on the FieldSolutions platform in 2015 (which was acquired by Field Nation in May of last year), there may be questions regarding the proper retrieval of this same information. We have put together an outline to help providers successfully obtain their FieldSolutions 1099s, so that once April 18th rolls around, it’s only business as usual.


How do I obtain my FieldSolutions (not Field Nation) 1099?

On May 15, 2015, FieldSolutions, Inc. was acquired by FieldSolutions Acquisition Corp., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Field Nation. This means that providers might potentially receive two 1099’s for 2015 as it relates to their earnings on the Field Nation platform.

  1. If you were paid over $600 by FieldSolutions, Inc. between January and May 2015.
  2. If you were paid over $600 by FieldSolutions Acquisition Corp. between May and December 2015.

In regards to #1 FieldSolutions Inc.If you have not received a paper copy of your 2015 1099, please email Rick Gallagher, the founder of GuideSource, which is a consulting firm that provides assistance to small and medium-sized businesses.

In regards to #2 FieldSolutions Acquisition Corp.If you were paid $600 or over in 2015, FieldSolutions Acquisition Corp. will issue you an IRS form 1099-MISC for the 2015 tax year using the IRS-approved vendor, Track1099. If you have not received an email from Track1099, be sure to look through your entire email, including the junk and spam folders. Providers should have received an email before January 31, 2016, which allows you to retrieve your form electronically via an embedded link.

Users will be prompted to validate their identity by entering the last four digits of their Tax ID number (which will either be your social security number or a federal ID number, depending on the W-9 information you provided when signing-up for a Field Nation profile). You will be able to access your 1099-MISC form via the secure link until October 2016, at which point it will become inaccessible.

If you earned over $600 in 2015 and cannot find an email from Track1099 even after searching every folder, feel free to reach out to our Accounting Team with your name, technician ID number and a brief request for your FieldSolutions Acquisition Corp. 1099-MISC form.



For additional information regarding taxes or any other query, please visit the Field Nation FAQ page. Issuing tax and 1099 documentation to independent professionals is just one of the many ways Field Nation is removing the barriers to getting great work done for freelancers and businesses alike.