Passionate About Repair?

10.19.2016, Written by fieldnation

As a freelance technician, you already know that the repair and maintenance industries make modern life possible.  Over three million men and women like you help keep our cars, computers, appliances, and other critical infrastructure operating smoothly. People like you keep America running but it’s getting harder to get the job done due to laws and regulations that makes it increasingly hard to repair. In fact, IBIS World reports a steady 2% annual decrease in in computer repair jobs despite the fact that the use of technology continues to increase by 5-10% per year. is a trade association that represents the interests of maintenance and repair professionals in the US. We advocate nationally for a competitive repair market, and we stand up for your interests in Washington, DC. We’re working to pass Right to Repair legislation and we’re fighting to fix the DMCA—so manufacturers can’t prosecute repair techs just for doing their jobs. fights for:

  • Information: We need access to documentation, software, and legal ability that technicians need to repair products.
  • Parts and tools: We need access to the same service parts and tools, including diagnostic software, as the OEM technicians.
  • Unlocking for repair and reuse: We should be able to unlock and modify the software and firmware that is required to operate our products.
  • Resale: We should be able resell products—including the embedded software needed to operate them.
  • Repair-friendly public policies: Manufacturers shouldn’t make it impossible for consumers or independent repair technicians to fix things.

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