Product Update: New Work Order Listing Pages

5.11.2016, Written by Ross French

We are excited to announce the launch of new and improved features on the Field Nation Elevate platform. This release focuses on the Work Order Listing pages making it more interactive, intuitive and easy to use. The release will go live on May 13, 2016.

The Work Order listing pages includes the Available, Requested, Assigned, Pending Approval and Completed Jobs pages. The new Elevate release not only adds new functionality but is a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Let us look at the changes and enhancements in each of these pages:

Available Jobs: 

Below screen shot shows the new layout for the Available jobs page. Providers will now be able to view work orders that are available in the marketplace, routed to them and declined by them all in the same page. If work orders are routed to a provider, the default tab (shown in white) would be ‘Routed to me’ else the default would move to ‘All Available’.

Available_WO Listing_May17

Feature Enhancements:

  1. Buyer Names & Ratings:

While making a decision on what work orders to accept or reject, information about the buyer is of paramount importance. The new Elevate layout now displays information about a buyer’s history, ratings and review period. This information can prove to be very useful for a provider to decide if he/she would like to do another assignment with the same buyer based on previous experience. Note that buyer names would be visible only to providers who have completed 10 jobs on the platform.

provider WO listing_Buyer ratings_1                              Provdier WO listing_Approval time

2. Competition details:

When a job is posted on the marketplace or routed to a provider, providers often start requesting in the next 7-10 minutes. With Elevate, it is now possible for a provider to view how many providers a particular work order has been routed to or how many providers have requested for a published work order. Access to this information helps in strategic decision making.

3. Mass Accept & Deny:

Providers can now mass accept or mass deny work orders say based on a location, type of work, number of people routed to, etc to speed up their operations.

4. Advanced Filters:

Work orders are displayed to providers based on the Type of work (industries worked in) and location mentioned on their profile. However, now with the new ‘Advanced Filters’ feature, providers can edit their default settings for location and minimum pay to expand their reach (shown below) and also filter work orders based on date and buyer characteristics such as ratings, buyers worked for earlier and approval time. To view work orders in a new location (that providers may be traveling to or wish to expand their territory), a filter by exact location, state, zip code assists in providing the required information.

Provider_Elevate_WO Listing_Advanced filters_1

5. Bundled Work orders

The bundled work orders view has been changed in the new Elevate layout. Providers can distinguish bundled work orders from single work orders using the icon placed adjacent to all the work orders in a bundle. Thus, if 4 work orders have been bundled together, providers will find all 4 work orders listed one below the other and clicking on the number provides details on the bundle with respect to work order name, Id and location.

Elevate/ New View:

Elevate Bundled WO

Classic / Old View:

Provider_CLASSIC_Bundle WO

6. Personalized View

Providers can now configure columns to add or delete the columns they wish to see in their work order listing. Columns can also be aligned based on personal preference.

Provider_elevate_configure column


7. Map View

Providers can view available work orders in a map view as well. Click on the Globe Icon on the top right corner for the map to appear. The map functionality works similar to the old interface.

Map View_Provider WO


Requested Jobs:

The Requested Jobs page in Elevate includes separate tabs to reflect work orders requested and counter-offered by providers.

Feature Enhancements:

Quick Action: 

Elevate will soon offer the capability to quickly withdraw from requests and view counter and modify right away thus saving a lot of time.This column will be available to all providers in a few days.

Provider_elevate_requested jobs



Assigned Jobs:

The new Assigned Jobs page provides a lot of valuable information with respect to work orders that providers have on their schedule for today & tomorrow along with the current status such as checked-in, confirmed, problem reported, etc.

Quick Action: Providers will also be able to confirm assignment, check out or view reported problems from here itself. This column will be available to all providers in a few days. 

Provdier WO Listing_Assigned WO

Asisgned_Confirm job

Pending Approval Jobs:

When work orders are marked complete, they move to the Pending Approval page. The Elevate Pending Jobs page not only offers information about the work order and allows you to configure and add columns like the the pages but also provides estimated total amount providers should expect with the estimated approval time based on the buyer’s approval period for 90% of their work orders. 

pending approval 1

Completed Jobs:

Completed Work Orders page displays work orders as approved and paid separately. Along with Pay Date information, Elevate also allows a quick pop up to rate the buyer right here. Information is also displayed about the expiry date by which the rating can be done.

WO Listing_Completed jobs


completed jobs_buyer rating

Note: These changes impact Work Order pages only for Marketplace providers and not for Service company technicians and Managed Providers.


We hope you find these product updates useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to call customer service or send us an email at