Provider Profile – Alberto Luna

3.20.2015, Written by fieldnation
Alberto Luna
Alberto Luna

Alberto Luna is one of the newest members of the Field Nation platform, having joined this month following an impressive showing at the 2015 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL. The conference, which took place from February 22-26, hosted over 5,000 attendees and included nearly 200 exhibitions from the leading manufacturers and innovators in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Included in the week-long event was the much-anticipated BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge, which showcased a “who’s who” of the top cabling experts from across the country. Luna, who admits he enjoys being able to demonstrate his skills, proved his expertise by winning the “Installer of the Year” award.

“Telecom was definitely an instant passion for me,” Luna says. Following in the footsteps of his father who was working for one of the largest telecom infrastructure installation companies in the U.S. at the time, Luna says it was with his family’s encouragement that he entered the industry following his high school graduation in 1998. Immediately starting work as a wire technician with BellSouth (AT&T), Luna was able to quickly set the groundwork for what has now become a long-standing career in all aspects of the telecom field.

“I did a little bit of everything,” Luna says, who was based in Miami at the time. “There was a big boom happening in construction and I was working on a lot of high rises and new residential buildings.”

As the industry thrived, so did Luna’s career, and for the next couple of years he found himself working nonstop. Unfortunately, the cultural and economic impact that resonated throughout the U.S. following the September 11, 2001, attacks resulted in the termination of the project Luna and his crew had been working on. Never one to back down from adversity, Luna admits that the series of events served as the catalyst he needed to transition to the customer-based side of telecom. After a brief stint in the wireless communications industry, Luna began working in the same line of business as his father and has continued servicing a wide range of installations ever since.

Alberto Luna is granted the 2015 BICSI Installer of the Year award.
Alberto Luna is granted the 2015 BICSI Installer of the Year award.

Now, after settling in Snellville, GA, Luna has steadily climbed his way into the role as Project Manager at Total Network Consulting Atlanta. While the position is a far cry from where he began his telecom career, Luna recognizes that his journey is far from over.

“I have started taking on additional duties like business development and streamlining everything from sales to tickets,” he says. “I actually approached my boss after the BICSI conference because I know I need to continue to grow as a professional. I would like to manage our entire office one day or eventually get to the point where I can run my own company.”

In charge of hiring and training new employees, Luna also says he actively pursues his education in an effort to further his development as an expert. In addition to being named “Installer of the Year,” Luna has earned several industry-specific qualifications, like the BICSI Installer 1 and BICSI Technician certificates, and is currently working on attaining his Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification.

“The technology has changed a lot over the years,” Luna says. “I am constantly reading up on the latest and greatest innovations and news in the telecom industry and I take a lot of pride in being able to pass on the things I’ve learned to new technicians.”

Although Luna admits that Field Nation is the first online platform he has used to find and connect with other buyers and new work opportunities, his wealth of knowledge will surely serve as a substantial selling point moving forward.

“I plan on using Field Nation in two ways,” he says. “We will be able to post work and find providers to help our company complete jobs, and I will also be able to use it to find work on the side, which is something I’m always open to.”

To learn more about engaging with Luna on your next project, visit his Field Nation profile.