Provider Spotlight: Joseph Sarafinko

9.30.2014, Written by fieldnation
Joseph Sarafinko
Joseph Sarafinko

Joseph Sarafinko has a 5-star performance rating and recently exceeded 1,000 jobs on Field Nation. Having joined in 2012, Joseph has been at work in the industry for over 24 years.

Specializing in retail communications over the last ten years, Joseph began his career as an independent contractor 24 years ago and has become a seasoned veteran with a wealth of knowledge. Taking on jobs that range from structured cabling to hardware configuration, he also runs a team of managed providers on the system, each with their own specialty and repertoire of experience which has lent itself to maintaining a well-rounded team.

This “whole package” approach has proved valuable when it comes to the changing landscape of the contingent workforce for Joseph’s business, especially considering that the majority of his work is assigned via direct routing.

“The scale has changed so drastically,” he says, reflecting on the biggest change he has witnessed in the industry. Receiving calls for local work opportunities via international centers has become the norm. “Basically, a person in Wilmington, Delaware, calls a company in California, who calls Uzbekistan, who calls me. The routing has changed drastically, and I know that when I see a 001 number on my phone, it’s probably a local job.”

Residing in Wilmington, DE, getting the majority of his services are locally-based, although Joseph says he has ventured into New York for larger opportunities and his team has completed work in 16 states this year alone.

“The best part of (Field Nation’s) platform is the reach,” Joseph says. “Field Nation’s reach is farther than mine and it touches markets I can’t. I am a firm believer in the platform situation – it organizes things. I couldn’t do 1,000 work orders without that type of system.”

With industry analysts predicting that 40% of the professional workforce will be made up of independent contractors by 2020, Joseph says that aside from using a platform to manage work, there are a few tips he passes along to anyone looking to make the jump to freelance.

“I tell everyone the same thing,” he says. “Maintain quality – do what you say you’re going to do and the rest will fall into place.”

It is this strong commitment to quality and expert management of his client’s expectations that has helped Joseph build his reputation and excel as an independent contractor. Attributing his time spent in the field to the level of expertise he has attained over the years, Joseph admits that while he utilizes Field Nation for two-thirds of his work (and is looking to move the other one-third over as well), he didn’t start out on the platform.

“I stumbled onto Field Nation in 2012,” he says. “I was doing a big job in Philadelphia and everything there mentioned the platform. I had tried Field Solutions, Work Market, OnForce…but my mainstay is Field Nation.”