The Top 15 Skills for IT Professionals in 2015

3.31.2015, Written by fieldnation

Top 15 IT Skill Sets in 2015As increased concerns of cloud security and a growing need for big data skills effects today’s professional and corporate marketplace, the demand for expertise to counter this new landscape continues to impact job-seekers.


According to a report that was released by the online business technology publication, InformationWeek, many of this year’s in-demand skills address and reflect this changing environment. Check out the full article here, or read on for a quick look at the top 15 skill sets that are in high demand for IT professionals in 2015:


  1. Security
  2. JIRA (Project Management, Agile, DevOps)
  3. NoSQL (Big Data, Web Application Development)
  4. Android Development (Mobile, Software)
  5. iOS Development (Mobile, Software)
  6. Puppet (Automation & Configuration Management, DevOps, Cloud)
  7. Hadoop (Big Data)
  8. Python (Software Development, Big Data)
  9. Java (Software Development, Cloud, Mobile)
  10. Data Analysis (Big Data, Analytics)
  11. Teradata (Big Data, Analytics)
  12. Open Source (Software Development, Big Data, Cloud)
  13. UX/UI Design (Software Development, Mobile)
  14. .Net (Software Development)
  15. Virtualization Engineer (Virtualization, Cloud)


Read the full article here on for a full breakdown of each skillset.