The Top 3 Ways to Showcase Your Skills

11.25.2013, Written by fieldnation

We just found a great list of sites and tools that you can use to promote your work.  Whether you’re a cable jockey, an artist or a whiz with the computer, the truth is that you have amazing skills and you deserve to show them off!  So take some before-and-after pictures, show the world the happy smiles on the faces of the employees you serve, let everyone see just how amazing you really are!

You already know that work is about what you do and not about one place you go.  So make sure that you showcase what you do! Here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Prospective employers and service buyers want to see the evidence of what you can do.  Make it easy for them.
  2. Demonstrate the progression in your skills and sophistication in your field by keeping a readily accessible portfolio.
  3. Connect your professional proof to the system that helps you find and deliver your work.

The team over at jobmob has pulled together a list of over 114 different sites and resources where your talents can shine.  They’ve even broken out their list into useful categories like design, graphics, video, artwork, presentations, writing etc.

Of course,  we’d add one entry to the list: your very own Field Nation Profile where you can list your skills, certifications, accomplishments and even your recommendations.