The Value of Mobile Apps for Field Service Technicians

12.10.2015, Written by fieldnation

Mobile Apps, Field Service Technicians, Freelancers, Independent ContractorsMobile apps have become so fully integrated in our daily lives that it is difficult to remember a time when these multifunctional devices did not exist. While some mobile applications date back to the end of the twentieth century, the modern apps that most of us are familiar with have transformed business processes and altered the face of today’s productivity. Anyone with access to a smartphone can confirm the worth of an innovative mobile app, since the right technology can help accomplish tasks with greater ease and efficiency.

Businesses around the world use mobile applications for a variety of purposes – from simplifying processes, to enhancing collaboration between workers and managing options for data entry. When it comes to professions that can benefit from mobile apps, experts working in the field services industry may be number one on the list. Field service mobile apps provide field staff with access to company data wherever they are in a secure and proficient manner. It also allows them to capture data, authorize transactions, locate jobs, and enhance professional networks.

Many organizations have already begun to recognize the value of utilizing mobile applications in the field service industry, with only 22% of best-in-class companies continuing to use traditional paper and spreadsheet options. High-performance companies can achieve more with mobile apps as this technology allows them to adopt a real-time approach to service management. In other words, mobile field service apps are one of the best ways to keep customers happy and companies competitive.


Why Is Mobile App Integration So Beneficial?

Mobile freelance management apps allow field service technicians to expand their success as entrepreneurs and manage their workload more efficiently. With mobile solutions, technicians can access all of the data they need while on-the-go without having to go back and forth between on-site and home or office locations to use native desktop systems or manual spreadsheets to complete their work. Instead, technicians can conduct, manage, and operate their business from anywhere, at any time, and avoid wasting valuable resources in the process.

Some advantages that mobile freelance field service management apps offer include:


  1. Access to service knowledge and manuals: Just because most freelance field service technicians are highly skilled doesn’t mean they won’t need support or additional tools from time to time. Mobile applications can boost business performance by giving technicians instant access to resources that will help them excel at their job. For instance, repositories based in the cloud may contain warranty information, inventory and parts data, contracts, and manuals.
  2. Opportunities to find new jobs: With a freelance field service management app, technicians can search the marketplace for jobs to fill their schedules while instantly accessing crucial information about rates, locations, and more.
  3. Visibility and communications: In-application messaging systems allow technicians to communicate instantly with potential clients and manage work orders from wherever they are. They also gain access to directions if they get lost on the way to a job and can easily communicate or update their estimated arrival times.
  4. Complete data entry and accounting with increased accuracy: Forcing field service technicians to scribble all of the information they need onto a piece of paper while they work can leave a lot of room for error. Being able to collect important information and store that data in the cloud can eliminate entry redundancies and save time.


Optimizing a Mobile Workforce

Freelance service technicians rely almost exclusively on a working strategy that revolves around mobile workforce management. In order for this type of management to operate as smoothly as possible, it is crucial that they have access to applications that help them stay organized and work efficiently. Field service applications can help streamline their business by offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to organize customer requests by location as a way of reducing travel time and fitting as many job opportunities as possible into the hours they have available.

The more a technician can work to fine-tune their schedule, the more time will be available for that professional to fill additional requests or focus on high-priority offers. Some GPS services are even available to help these individuals map the best possible route to their location based on traffic conditions in real-time. Mobile app software has played a huge part in the revolution of the field services industry. With the help of the right apps, these entrepreneurs and the organizations the employ their labor can transform the way they work and improve service delivery.


In Conclusion

There is an obvious correlation between customer satisfaction and efficient freelance field service management. Field service technicians are on the front lines of customer service, and according to the Aberdeen Group, many best-in-class professionals have a 92% compliance with stated response times, which underlines the importance of worker efficiency.

For field service technicians, getting the job done right means having the resources to complete their work correctly the first time and avoid logistical complications. Mobile apps are the perfect solution for providing information, communication, support, and management solutions.